Share Your Story With A Custom Song

What is a custom song? A timeless, personalized musical gift of expression. 

It’s an original musical composition with lyrics created and inspired by personal stories you provide, performed in a style of music or instrumentation you choose.

Custom songs are often written for special occasions, such as a marriage proposal or wedding, birthdays or Mother’s Day–or as a special gift to say “thank you” or “just because you’re amazing”.

They are also created as songs of remembrance, to honor a lost loved one, or as a more powerful form of expression to work through a traumatic experience, for closure or simply a release. 

For example, Jessica wrote a song for Living Legacy’s Donor Remembrance ceremony “I Will Live On”, which has been performed at celebrations of life as well. And in 2020, she composed “Legends and Triumph” for a veteran’s son as part of music therapy. 

As a songwriter, Jessica has a knack for painting a picture with words and highlighting a particular moment, as in “How Was I To Know” <listen here> (full production) and “This Thing We Started” <listen here> (piano/vocal). 

There is no better way to express emotions than through music! Some of the most powerful moments may be overlooked when telling a story, but a songwriter has the ability to highlight those details, and bring your story to life like never before.

Make the moments last a lifetime with a custom song! 

Getting Started

Jessica can professionally produce songs in the style of a singer-songwriter (piano and vocal) or with a full production (guitar, bass, drums, keys). 

Song lyrics are crafted from stories or words you’ve shared and the song is recorded to professional standards. 

If you’d like to make your custom song even more special, Jessica offers a variety of additional options, including: 

– A video of Jessica performing the song

– A lyric video to accompany the song

– A slideshow to accompany the song

– Handwritten lyrics or a special plaque (inquire for options) or other item to display lyrics

Let's chat about making your event extra special with a custom song!

You can reach Jessica at (email) or (cell) 443-617-1524.

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